Day 2 – Still fat

May 19, 2009 at 7:03 pm Leave a comment

But then, I expected that. No way to make it instantaneous. But on the plus side, I am able to stick to the meal plan.

On Monday, I met with Dave to first do measurements. (296 pounds of pure couch potato). We then discussed the various supplements and food stuffs. The berry smoothy is surprisingly good despite all the powders in it! I have never taken this many pills in my life but darn if it isn’t going to help.

Anyway, he got me on the treadmill. I hate (or rather hated) the treadmill. Every time I used one of them in the past, it hurt my back and calves like you wouldn’t believe. But to my surprise, Dave had me walking very leisurely. It’s seems like the harder you work, the more fat you’d burn right?? Not true. He had me at a rate that put my heart rate at 120. I was always working out to get my rate around 148. That’s NOT RIGHT. When trying to burn fat, you want to get your heart rate up just a bit. The other thing you want to do is mix up your fat burning exercise. Fool your body into NOT going into fat storing mode by doing only 15 minutes of treadmill followed by 15 of eliptical followed by 15 of exercise bike. That way, you are working different parts of your body and small enough shifts. When you only do one exercise for longer times, your body starts saving up fat in areas that aren’t being worked. So getting the effective workout isn’t as hard as I always thought.

This morning, I had my second session (one of 4 every week) and it was gruelling. WE NEVER TOUCHED A WEIGHT. We started with an exercise ball and moved to doing some step exercises and different ways to walk. (It helped that his gym is freakin awesome) and he finished me off by showing me a few of the things we will eventually get into such as kettle bells, speed bag and more.

I go back tomorrow morning for more punishment.


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Starting a new chapter – call it 35 Day 5 – Not quite as fat

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