Bad Decision 2008

November 7, 2008 at 8:48 am 2 comments

So the election is over, signs are coming down and life as we know it is returning to “normal”. But only for a few more months. On January 2009, the dominos begin to fall leading to the end times. I think that’s the case anyway. Here is what has led up to these thoughts.

On election night, we were driving home from our Life Group (a small group we attend from Life Church) and we heard John McCain giving his concession speech. Sarah and I were discussing what this means for our country and the war effort came up. We all know that Obama and Biden want to pull our troups out of Iraq and Afghanistan. With a democratic majority in both the Senate and Congress, doing so will be relatively easy for them. Pulling our troops out will lead to a complete meltdown in the middle east. When our troops leave, violence will break out with many factions attempting to take control of the government and the country’s resources. This violence will surely spill over into other countries causing chaos and war.

As for the end times prediction, the bible discusses the eventual rise of the AntiChrist, who will be a leader and a peacemaker in the region. Our Life Group leader, Steven Kelly, is a biblical scholar who has researched the book of Revelations deeply. There’s a big list of criteria that defines who the AntiChrist will be. We were discussing the election and someone asked if Barack Obama could be the AntiChrist. It’s tempting to believe that he is, even though he’s not, given some of the characteristics of the AntiChrist. First, according to the bible, he will be a leader that seemingly comes out of nowhere and is so charismatic that he unites the masses. There are more characteristics that match, but the key is what doesn’t. For one thing his bloodline negates the possibility. For another thing, he’s not the reincarnation of a long dead leader. Much of this is speculation but some of the greatest scholars believe that the AntiChrist will be a leader that has been dead for along time and will be risen to become the leader the world thinks it needs. This leader will ultimately be very anti-semetic and merciless. So, no B.O. is not the AntiChrist. Take heart in that. He may not be ethical or moral, but he’s not evil.

However, I think he will lead to the rise of the AntiChrist. During Obama’s first term as president, due to his actions, the middle east will melt down as I described above. This chaos will usher in the arrival of the man who will bring peace to the region which will include a peace accord with Isreal. This is the signal to get on your knees and fight like a man.

Consider yourself warned.


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  • 1. John  |  November 7, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    End times is a good thing, right ? We get to go home.

  • 2. Sarah  |  November 7, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    John, End Times is a good thing only if you are a Pre-Trib believer. If things turn out to follow the Pre-Wrath viewpoint, we’ll have a lot of hell to deal with before we Go Home! I fervently, hopefully, prayerfully believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church!


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