Fix those div heights

November 28, 2007 at 12:08 pm 1 comment

So let’s say you are wanting to build a killer site. But, you want to use all css and none of those dumb tables. Your layout however calls for two div’s of equal height, but the content within those divs will have fluctuating height. You can try to enter height=’100%’ but that’s useless, as I am sure you have discovered. So what happens? You end up with one div taller than the other, which looks really bad if you are trying to have some nice even borders etc.

“How do I fix this?” you ask. Well it’s simple really. It’s stupid that this works, but it does AND it’s cross browser friendly. First, you create a parent div, such as this <div id=”holder”> and inside of that you add your two columns (or three or four etc). For example, you might call those “leftColumn” and “rightColumn”. These belong nested inside the “holder” div.


<div id=”holder”>
<div id=”leftColumn”>Some content here</div>
<div id=”rightColumn”>Some more content here with an image so it gets taller than the left column.</div>

Now, we have to mess with the CSS. In your CSS file, add the new “holder” element with an overflow of “hidden”.


#holder {

Next, we add the magic. Both the left and right columns need to have a HUGE negative bottom margin and equal positve bottom padding.


#leftColumn, #rightColumn {
padding-bottom: 20000px;
margin-bottom: -20000px;

Of course, you would want to define each of the left and right columns with more specific information such as borders, backgrounds, width etc. But this is the basic information you need. One word of caution though. When using this method, placing a background into either the left or right columns with a defined position will be difficult to impossible due to the padding and margins.

I hope this helps others out there as it has surely helped me.

Many thanks to Matt Bergsma for tipping me to this trick.


Entry filed under: tech stuff.

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  • 1. Chris Tennyson  |  August 21, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    Great Stuff!
    I’ve been looking for this solutions for years now. I’ve been using other solutions in Firefox (Tables) that do not work well in IE so I ended up with 2 stylesheets. This is so easy and solves a lot of my cross browser div problems.

    Thanks for the Tip!


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