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September 19, 2006 at 10:24 am Leave a comment

I was walking over to my favorite snack place today (go figure – fat guy and snacks!) and I saw a bumper sticker that just brought up all kinds of thoughts. The sticker was simple. “Bush Lies”. But we’ll get back to this in a second.

I have to make a point about the media and it’s treatment of our president. This really goes for a lot of people, but the media is where I hear this most often: “Mr. Bush”. Excuse me? Who? He’s the president. Not the gardener. When you speak of him, whether you like it or not, he’s the president and should be referred to by his title, “President Bush”. Bill Clinton wasn’t “Mr. Clinton”, he was “President Clinton”. You may not respect the man, but you have to respect the the office and the title. Please remember this when you talk about him.

Now, back to the sticker. Obviously, I am a fan of President Bush. I feel he is a good, moral man and a great leader. My opinion and I am entitled to it so don’t bother commenting on what you think about this, it’s my blog. But this bumper sticker got me thinking. When all the hearings and meetings were taking place before we invaded Iraq to depose the sitting tyrant, the president made a number of speeches and interviews where he spoke about why he felt we needed to proceed with this action. I don’t believe he lied. I believe he was telling the truth as it was told to him. He told what he felt based on what was given as truth. Maybe someone down the line lied. Maybe not. I will leave that to others to find out. A democratic president would have also believed the information given to him to be true so don’t go about crying that “Bush lied”. Gore would have “lied” too. Kerry would have “lied” too. If you don’t think you can believe in your advisors, they wouldn’t be your advisors.

But the real problem is not in what the truth is or was. Everyone out there needs to realize this. The real problem that people have with President Bush is in how he chose to react to the information. Justifiably believing the information to be true, he chose to react with a backbone. President Bush decided that we had to go in and shut him down. He went for a show of force. A democratic president would have likely tried noodle out an admission of guilt and get a dictator to waffle and just hand over weapons of mass destruction. Somehow, I doubt that would have happened. Only a military intervention was going to be able to do the job.

Whether this was right or wrong is for you to decide for yourself. For me, I think it was the right thing. Based on what we thought we knew, it had to be done.


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