Put down the signs and do something!

July 14, 2006 at 5:08 pm Leave a comment

I was on my way home from work the other and I just got pissed. Obviously, getting upset and frustrated is no big task for me. I have a hard time with stupid people. I can’t help it. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get in touch with Bill Engvall to see if I can become his official sign maker. There’s so many of these dipsticks out there.

For example, the one that got me riled up the other day. Or rather the flock of purebred idiots that did it. (Did you ever notice that stupid, moronic people tend to swarm or flock together?)

Down on the corner were about 15 people all holding stupid political signs. Of course I agree with none of them, but that’s no surprise. My side of the fence tends not to do a lot of protesting. (hmmm wonder what side I sit on…..) Anyway, it’s not that I got upset about the people necessarily, but about the shear lack of even the slightest tiny micron of a drop of logic in WHAT they are doing and HOW they are doing it. Protesting has to be about the dumbest thing on the planet.

Now, I understand when you have an entire army of people, so much so that it overwhelms the best of the peace keeping forces, you tend to get attention and you might actually further your cause. For instance, racial equality in the 60’s. Granted many of them went way too far and got violent, but as a general rule they were pretty much effective.

But the stick spinning losers on the corner in front of the federal building, a drug store and two banks that all share a corner in our lovely little downtown area should really go home. If you are one of these people, let me address this to you:

If you truly believe in a cause and want to do something about it, do you REALLY think that standing on a corner in a NOTHING town with 10 compatriots to your cause waving cardboard and flowery flags is going to further your cause in any way? Not likely. In fact, NO. It won’t. If there is one thing that history has taught us is that the only way to get things to happen is to DO something about it. Standing around and talking about it and yelling at people on the street showing them how much more right you are than they are only serves to push people away from you and your cause.

Historically, and even when the BIG protests happened, the only effective measure was to take the cause to someone that has the ability to help you or even become one of those people. Racial equality didn’t become a reality (we can argue the level of reality another time but you know what I mean) by yelling and marching and making a big nuisance. It took the work of many people who took their cause to their law makers. Wined them. Dined them. Whatever. But their cause was then taken up by the people who had a way to move it up the ladder. They then took it to their friends and collegues who could then see a benefit in the cause and so then joined the crusade. Then they wrote legislation. They debated with their peers about it and and finally passed it through to law making the effort all count for something.

I am sorry (NOT), but standing on the corner along with a bunch of other idiots just proves how little you know and how little you really truly care about what you are protesting.

And another thing. Your signs are lame. They just tell people what to do. They aren’t making people question their beliefs or convictions. They don’t make people driving by say, “you know I think they’re right about that.” No, it makes people not want to be near you. Instead, if you want to convince people, put up something convincing. Hand out a flyer (I know you think they are annoying but they actually do work, at least more than a stupid sign does) that has a lot of information and resources for people to get more information.

For example, let’s say you don’t think anyone should ever go to Las Vegas and we should make laws keeping people from ever going there. Your sign should not read “Get out of Las Vegas!”. What does that tell me as I am running past you to get to my gas guzzling clunker, anxious to get home and relax after a long day’s work? Tells me nothing. In fact it makes me think you might be a few cards short of a deck (or even a poker hand). But a sign saying something like, “Las Vegas kills 100 people every day.” I might be intrigued but yet probably still think your deck is shy. But if you were friendly and handed me a nicely folded and printed flyer with some intrigueing line on the front like, “What happens in Vegas often become fatal and not just in Vegas,” I would be likely to open the flyer up and at least skim the inside. Throw in some pictures, after all people are mostly visual, which is why Vegas is so popular, and you might just have a winner. Then show me where I can find information that will back up your claim. Now whether I come to the same conclusion and change my flight reservations to go to Fargo instead is another thing entirely, but it depends on what you have presented to me.

If this is starting to sound familiar but you don’t know why, let me enlighten you. It’s called marketing. Many people go to school for this. I have just given you a little taste of what having a brain that’s used for more than rolling joints and tie-dying t-shirts can do for you. You can sell anyone just about anything with the right marketing. A fairly well known fact: PT Barnum (the circus guy) once helped a factory selling canned “White Salmon” (what the heck that is I don’t know) sell out the shelves in the grocery stores when everyone was buying pink salmon as a staple. How did he do it? He used clever marketing (there that term is again for those of you who just took a hit and can’t remember three or four lines back). He had the factory put “Won’t turn pink in the can” on the label and everyone bought into it. But what people didn’t know is that pink is the color of Salmon naturally and they bought into his pitch believing that Pink Salmon was somehow not right.

Anyway, get a life people. Or get a job. Do something instead of wasting away the limited hours you have on this little marble.


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