INXS is rad and so is reality TV

July 3, 2006 at 7:58 pm Leave a comment

I am a TV addict. No surprise there. That’s about as obvious as saying “I enjoy eating”. That being said, I watch my fair share, and probably some of someone else’s share, of reality TV. I can’t seem to help it. I enjoy the kind of shows where there is some actual competition involved. Reality shows where they just stuff a bunch of people in a house and make them scratch each other’s eyes out and the last one with a pulse is the winner are sucky shows (Ex: Big Brother). It just shows the down-side of humanity and they pick the worst of us to do those shows. But shows like Survivor, The Mole (RIP), Amazing Race and now Treasure Hunters involve some real game play and, for me, get the adrenaline pumping. (Granted I could probably accomplish this by walking more than the 20 steps to my car each day, but when you have a Plasma on the wall, it’s hard you know?). One of my favorite is the Apprentice. Not that dust-ruffle-made-from-single-ply-toliet-paper making Martha version, but the bad-hair-that-couldn’t-possibly-be-a-tupee-because-it’s-so-bad Donald Trump version. Donald is cut-throat and seems to make the right call every time. Sometimes you just get a few idiots on the show that you just wonder, “how the hell did they become so successful?”.

The music reality shows are a little different. There’s not the game show aspect, but you really latch on to one or two of the talented contestants and sort of adopt them as your own. American Idol was the best for the first few seasons because it had a lot of reality aspect to it. But the one that caught me a year ago was Rockstar INXS. I can’t stand the pouty-girly-lipped Dave Navaro, but the girl was hot (don’t remember her name, but I remember her, um, eyes) and they had a lot of really talented singers. I wasn’t already a giant fan of INXS. I knew of some of their music at this point. They played some of it througout the series but I didn’t catch on much. But when JD Fortune got up and sang Pretty Vegas for the first time, I was hooked. It was an incredible song for a relative new-comer to the scene and his delivery was absolutely fantastic. When he won, which I knew he had to, I immediately began trying to find Pretty Vegas online. No good recordings of it were available until they released an official INXS recorded version. I payed my 99 cents on iTunes and listened to it over and over. I have since purchased the whole CD online and unlike most CD’s I have purchased, there isn’t a single song on the CD that I don’t like. Every single song is different and totally great. Most other artists get a style and stick to it through every song, so their CD for the most part all sound the same. Not INXS. I can’t wait for their next CD.


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