Don’t get me started!

June 30, 2006 at 7:41 pm Leave a comment

So I decided the other day to go ahead and start a blog. I am going to be serious about it this time because I always have so many opinions and my wife is tired of hearing them. I have to tell them to someone so here you go.

You can count just about anything showing up here. From tirades (sp?) about stupid consumer merchandise to bleeding-heart-warming stories about how amazing this human rat race can really be.

If this is your first visit to my bluuugh, then welcome to you. I hope you aren’t immediately offended. I have the tendency to put my foot in my mouth, which is saying a lot for a big fat ass like myself!

Please feel free any time to comment on any of my posts. Just please have the decency to put in your name. If there is no name, I won’t read the comment and will just delete it. Common courtesy and all that jazz.

Now, a little about the lot of me there is…..

I am a large and wish-I-was-in-charge guy. I am married and have two wonderful children. This previous sentence alone explains the one right before it. I don’t live my own life. I live to serve wife and kids at all times. You might think, “Well what kind of life is that?”. Let me tell you. It’s a life made up of crayons, sidewalk chalk, numerous computer problems, a yard that won’t mow itself no matter how hard I beg it to, a full-time job to pay the many, many bills that come with being married, and sticky freakin floors. Who has time for fun? Once in a while I get to go see a movie. (Of course, I might get out to do more if I lived in a town that was bigger than a pimple.) But for the most part, I enjoy the life I lead.

For non-family job, I am a PHP/MySQL web developer. I have a talent for working fast and getting the job done. This can kind of blow up in my face as I work really hard and work really fast thinking, “Well, now I can take a short break and then start again a little later.” Ha! It just means I get more work piled on when I finish working on something. But the funny thing is, I enjoy the work. I thrive when I have a real challenge to work through in coding.

Right now, I work for a company called Net Solutions NA ( and we are a design/production company that provides websites of any size to companies/people of any size, ethnicity, religion or what-have-you. So far, we haven’t gotten into porn. Not sure we strap one on and join the fleshy masses on that one. Hope not. We are a pretty clean cut bunch here. (I probably have the most dirty mind of anyone in the company.) I am happy to have just joined NSNA and have had a good time working with the diverse range of products.

Anyway, before this I worked, and helped found, a company called JellyBarn ( JellyBarn has since moved on without me, but they are doing well as far as I know. JellyBarn’s focus was in building web-based photo applications that were sold as OEM products to other companies for use on their sites. It’s a pretty cool deal. Anyway, at the time, the company could not afford to pay my salary so I was let go. Oh well, I still have stock. Go JellyBarn!!

Before that, I was an “independant consultant” which pretty much meant I was unemployed and lived month to month hoping to find web site jobs to fill my time and pay for the aforementioned bills. But it was a fun time.

I have lived in three states (physically, not mental states as that would be too many to list): Syracuse, New York; Rock Springs, Wyoming; numerous towns in Washington state. I hated NY and WY. I love Washington except for the damn weather. I want to move to southern CA where it is sunny all the time.  Oh well.

Anyway, bored yet? Of course you are. So I will sign off now. Thanks for reading.


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